CKD Stage ll

45y,male,TSH 6,normal BP & sugar, otherwise healthy person,DX egfr 68 (stage ll ckd). Is there any treatment right now?


Need to find cause of CKD. Common causes are analgesic abuse, chronic glomerulo nephritis , hyperuricemia Preserve the viable kidney .,by avoiding analgesics, nephrotoxic drugs, controlling comorbidities. Regular check up of RFT, electrolytes

Cause is alcohol abuse. Now PT is abstinence and leading normal life.

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Cause alcohol to be stopped, all renal toxic drugs to be stopped, urine culture and sensitivity tobe done, reassess again and take opinion of Nephrologist

Thank you doctor

I would like only add Sarvatobhadhra ras and diet as described in Vraka Rogas chapter .

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