45yr old smoker wth wt loss, cough fr 5days, vitals stable.kindly giv ur expert opinion egardng frther management.



ECG does show LVH but no repolarization abnormality ( strain). Early repolarization is seen. Father evaluation 2D echocardiography chest x ray CBC, kft

LVH with strain Flat st segment & pointed T wave Check LYTES level

Cxr., Blood sugar please.EKG shows t wave inversion L3, flat in avf May be non specific.

Ekg shows incomplete ebb Other wise normal get chest xray and respiratory work up for weight loss

ECG T inversion in 3 rest NAD

ECG : Normal

Normal ECG except T invertion in lead 3, which is nsot significant. Go for X RAY chest CBC ESR

Ecg- normal sinus rhythm @60 bpm. Axis normal. LVH. RWP-good. NO-BBB, FB. ST-T -non specific. X-Ray chest pa, CBC, BS, NT-Pro BNP, ECHO-2D, Thyroid profiles, Lipid profiles, Kidney profiles, LFT, Sputum for AFB. No antibiotics. cough supressant only.

Antibiotics/ Echo to rule out LVF/LVH routine evaluate CBC CXRAY Proceed

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