46/m c/o itching since 2 months went to Gp doctor but not cured please tell me further management... I have started itrason 200 l dio 1 m and Terbiforceplus oint ment with



Tinea cruris Cap itraconazole 200mg BD Tab pan 40mg BD Tab zocon 200mg OD alternate day Tab Atarax 10 mg BD Sertaconazole 2 %cream for LA Flucos dusting powder for LA Keto soap for bath Maintain hygien Dettol liquid for bath and clothes washing Avoid constipation and indigestion Avoid oilly and spicy food and intake more water

Thank you so much sir

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This is a tinea cruris disease.. Adv. S.IgE level CBC with ESR B.sugar Rx. Cream lulicanozole Cap Itraconazole 150 mg od Cap.pantec dsr bd Tab.livocetrizine bd Cap.maxirich od Powder.Furtizole Soap .ketoalm Lotion.ketoedge. Weared ironed clothes Bathing. 5 ml detol liquid with 20-25 litre water .. Otherwise Further for Better treatment contact to dermatologist Dr...

Tinea cruris

Corticosteroid suppressed tinea cruris. See whether it responds to Itraconazole. It would take a long time. Start terbinafine

Adult Flexural Atopic Eczema ..1% pimicrolemus cream + Liquid paraffin and higher doses of 1st generation sedative Antihistamines + Tricyclic antidepressant Antihistamine like Doxepine

Tinea corporis / incognito



Tinea cruris

TINEA infection Associated with candidial intertrigo DD INVERSE psoriasis Suggest oral and topical antifungal s. Avoid steroids . Rule out DM

Tinea cruris.

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