Lesion on face

3 year old male baby with this type of lesion slight pain no discharge burning++ more with heat, night relieved with washing face normal delivery history Vaccination on time No other health issues, no restriction for nasal breathing from both nares. Appetite, thirst- normal Desire- sweet stool, urine- normal Plz tell Diagnosis and management?


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Dx: Cracked skin around nostrils, usually seen in kids as they the habit of putting finger in nostrils. Rx 1. Charmarogari Oint. Or shatadhout ghrita @Meenakshi Bisht
Fungal infection Septilin Syrup 5 m.l. Safi Syrup 5 m.l. Neem Face Wash. Local Application of Cutis Cream.
Saarivadyasav Evenshade cream Balaamritam Manjistha tablet
फंगल इंसफैकसन है। Quadidram cream for local application
Causticum 30 (2) dose bd
Gun pawdar 30 Sulphur 6
Nitric acid 200
Rx Sulphur.
Sulphur 30

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