Is Kumaragar can be corelated with ICU?

Just after delivery-where the new born kept - Sutikagaar or Kumaragaar or under which circumtances they get transffered from one to another ! @Km Bhawana @Dr. S.k. Mudgal @Jyoti Bajpai


LikeAnswersShare me if the mother is healthy having no disease after delivery then the baby is kept with her in sutikagar but if the mother is suffering from any kind of sutika Rog then the baby should be kept in kumaragar. Give ur opinion @Dr. D.p Singh @Hemant Adhikari sir
Agree..... That we can correlate with SNCU

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Generally New born r kept in sutikagar wd his in case if mother or d newborn is diagnosed any pathogenic ds dn newborn ll b kept in kumaragar.
Valuable opinion
No, SNCU is more relatable @Sachin Chauhan
Thank you doctor

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