Dryness of feet while sleeping

55/y/o female with complain of dryness of feet while sleeping. Sometimes feeling of dryness in feet is so high that she is not able to sleep at night. She has been using corticosteroidal creams from past 3 months but there has been no relief. I advised her to use shatdhatghrita But she says it also helps with temporary relief and dryness surfaces back after 2-3 hours On examination there is no physical deformity No H/o systemic diseases Prakriti vata kapha Agni visham Mala nirama Jihva nirama



If it is only dryness, then it may be due to environmental factors. Chlorinated water use, walking barefoot, unhygienic foot care, etc might be the cause. *Wash the foot and leg below knee with luke warm water and dry it. Apply moisturizer to the foot and web space properly. It may help.
Dx It's related with Disfunction of sweat glands of foot.. Causes may be improper water intake, any Harmonal origin, impact of any treatment previously taken.. Rx Seedopaga and jwarahara dravyas are to be used along with your shatadhautaghrita e/a eg: Syp Coolmelon 15ml OD
Aptly suggested by Dr. Deevi and Dr. Mohanty to which I agree, enquiry has to be made to the cause, is it just dryness or more than that.
Thank you Dr. Mohanty
लाइकोपोडियम एब्रोटेनम सार्सापैरिल्ला
फेरम-पिक्रिक 3x कैलि-आयोड 0.6 ग्राम
Petroleum 30
i think it is a type of kushta rog. mridu virechan..and then nimbadi chooran, gandhak rasayan, aarogya vardhini vati and panch tikt ghrit guggulu will work tell the pt to keep suffering toe quiet apart so that oxygen supply is in plenty
Cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval lime juice citrus fruit,water sipping sunshine walk prayers,sweet potato no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods, sproutskalijeeri, drumstick soup
Advise for foot bath for 20 min using Sukoshna Jala + Sphatika Bhasma then apply a very thin layer of Shath Dhowt Ghrita Drink adequate quantity of water throughout the day Drakshasava 20ml BD
Dear Dr. Sweety Bajoria ma'am, Advice for the case. Use Maha Mash tail abhyang at bed time. Eranda bhrashta haritaki churna 1 tsp at bed time with 1 1/2 glass of water.
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