46yrs /female k/c/o HTN& DM c/o giddiness and SOB DIAGNOSIS? MANAGEMENT?



2nd degree AV block.. Mobitz’s type 2. Considering symptoms need to undergo holster monitoring and electrolytes evaluation. If on betablocker- stop it. Coronary angiogram and 2DECHO are important. Might need PPI for rhythm management.


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Rx Statin duel anti platelets ACE /ARB beta blocker for IHD MI for A F Beta blocker may of help otherwise Cordarone may be of help. For heart rate control onlyLanoxin may be given instead


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Old ant septal MI with 2nd degree av block. ( mobidz's type 2).Treatment doesn't depend solely on Ecg findings, one has to consider the presenting complaints, Clinical findings and other investigations.

Sinus bradycardia, irregular, 48 bpm, Mobitz type- 1 2nd ° AV block, Axis - LAD, RWP - poor.

S.A.EXIT BLOCK St depression in lateral leads If pt continue with symptoms need Holter & Pacing

Rule out anteroseptal wall MI by echo and go for holter test

2 nd degree heart block mobitz 2 Management TAB ALUPENT 10 TDS THAN PPI INSERTION

ECG showing A F Septwal wall M I age.undetermind

Definate p waves are visible, that are sinus node origin How it is AF?

Sinus arrhythmia look for echo holter

1:2AV Block c Septal wall MI

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