46yrs old with menorrhagia since 2 yrs. Hysterectomy specimen. Spot diagnosis.



Inflammatory fibroid polyp, abbreviated IFP, is a benign abnormal growth of tissue projecting into the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract. Pathology IFPs consist of spindle cells that are concentrically arranged around blood vessels and have inflammation, especially eosinophils. They may have leiomyoma/schwannoma-like areas with nuclear palisading. They typically stain with CD34 and vimentin, and, generally, do not stain with CD117 and S100. The endoscopic differential diagnosis includes other benign, pre-malignant and malignant gastrointestinal polyps. Morphological differential diagnosis Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour (IMT)

Differential diagnosis 1. Pedunculated submucousal fibroid projecting through the cervix. 2. Cervical fibroid.

Polyp seen on CX Can see its projecting from endometrial cavity Peduncle seen inside the ut cavity.

Fibroid polyp projecting from the body of uterus and extending down through cervix. I can see the stalk if I'm not mistaken.

Cervical fibroid

Cervical fibroid

cervical fibroid.

Cervical fibroid

Endometrial hyperplasia

Clearly pedunculated fibroid coming out of cervix

Cervical fibroid

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