47/male known diabetic came with cough, fever, weight loss since 1 month; interpret cxr



Right Upper Lobe fibro cavitery lesions, Infiltration left peri hilar area and LMZ. Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Needs Sputum AFB and CBNAAT.

right upper zone and left mid zone consolidation; bronchoscopic bronchial wash showed rifampicin resistance; diagnosed as Primary MDR

B/L Koch's infiltration c maximum infiltration seen in RUZ suggested PTB

Thanks Dr bBasudeva Naik

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Well defined fibrovascular cavity in rt mid upper zone full of infiltratesand lt mid zone suggestiveof pultb.

It's a case of pulmonary tuberculosis.

See for the sputum for a.f.b examination 3 times. As pt.is diabetic chances of pulmonary tuberculosis are high. Please screen him for Hiv.

Bilateral opacities suggestive of? PTB Investigate with.. Hemogram ESR BSR SPUTUM for ZN stain

Pulmonary tuberculosis

Fibrocavitary lesions Rt.upper lobe

Pulmonary Koch's, do sputum afb, mountax test

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