47 yr old male complaints of little bid itching in both hand and pls dx and rx for this


Allergic eczematous dermatitis Cream. Inflobact- 4G Tab. Symfine Tab. BNF

Thank you doctor

Finger tip Ezema..? Ezematous Dermatitis..? Management.. Clobetasol cream use.. Topical steroids used.. Tab multivitamin antioxidants trace elements OD.. Coconut oil use. Alovira gel uses.. Bath keto soap.. Tab fluconazole 200 Mg od 15 days.. Keep the skin area sterile gauges..

Exfoliative dermatitis Tab atarex 25mg 1 sos Globet gm + emollient Multivitamins

Thanks a lot sir

Contact Dermatitis/ACD

? ACD.. ? CD ..

Tnx Dr Amitabha Dasgupta

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Finger tip eczema