47 yrs Male, NonDiabetic presented with Fournier Gangrene of Scrotum & dorsal skin of Penis.




Fourniers gangrene startes at scrotum & dorsal penis.This s due to Severe Bacterial i fection and is a necroting & threatening cause for death even. It gies fever, iching & necrosis.of the underlying organ. Treatment is.heavy multiple use of antibiotics, debridement and finally sugery of affected organ.

Neednot to be panicky good macro antibiotcs and local dressings should control no need of orchidectomy. Its specifically skin condition. What cbc reflects if heavy leucocytosis than it requires urgent surgical intervention

Also look for diabetic status of pt

A surgical emergency. Aggressive treatment is required to save the life of patient before septicaemia occurs. Their is a mixed infection of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Urgent wide excision of dead and infected tissue is essential. Parenteral antibiotics, and if the patient survives acute episode , skin grafting is often required

Through debridement of dead necrotic tissue . Antibiotics like imepenim, anti inflammatory drugs, local care of the wound.

In continuation of the above culture and sensitivity from the wound. Skin grafting later on.

Debridement and Excision under cover of antibiotics..

Need to be agressive in wide resection / extended debridement. Probably only non malignant condition require wide resection into normal tissue.

Good case Emergency surgical intervention required Broad spectrum antibiotics

Debridement and dressing ‘ Orchidectomy is not needed as it doent involve testis and testis has diff blood supply than scrotum !

Shamless exposure of testis Thorough debridemnt Good antibiotic coverage for synergistic bacterial infections Later grafting over healthy culture negative granulation tissue

Complete excission of gangrenous skin skincoverlater

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