47 yrs old male he was suffaring from this k/c/o DM, HTN, IHD. DM is control hypertension also controled c/o rash over ankal region dosent have iching, burning seens 4 month so kindly help me for dignosis and managment


Venous stasis related.. May develop venous ulceration

Burning sensation due to peripheral neuropathy. Inj BI, B6, B12 will be helpful.

It's schambergs disease..Advise the patient not to stand for too long or sit for too long.. Limb end elevation while sleeping.. Should have brisk walking for few mins daily.

Schamberg's pigmentation,due to hemosedrin discoloration,if itching topical steroid,Colcichine can be given.

burning may be due to DM neuropathy

agree with dr Alekya

patient is not having burning No any complent only rash is present

Topical steriod will help in clearing it to some extent..

neuropathy and hyprpigmentationi Bit b1 b6 b12and deflazacort helpful metacortil liye Locally

lipodermatosclerosis... needs Doppler USG for both venous and arterial system

Schamberg's disease

sir there is no cure in schambergs disease?

burning sensation possibly due to diabetes atenolol can give rise to skin lesions rash over ankle region rule out varicose veins by Doppler studies

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