What will be your diagnosis

A nine months infant was referred with history of fever,cough , breathing difficulty with loss of consciousness. No history of similar episodes in the past o/e No p/ic/ly/cy. pulse feeble,low volume, regular RS-Bil crepitation and ronchi plus NVBS heard cvs-Nad p/A hepatomegaly cns-Gcs 4 inv- RBS 564mg/dl urine ketones+ urine sugar 4+ HB 13gm wbc 4100/do RFT Normal What is your diagnosis and treatment @

Child is in diabetic ketoacdosis treat on this line using I v insulin & ringer instead of g d w or gns correct dehydration slowly Antibiotics I V Nabulize for cough
Ok sir I have started on insulin and iv antibiotics after giving NS.Started on dopamine Now RBS is 35 and insulin is around 0.3 ml / hour in 25 ml NS. Insulin was started at the rate of 0.1 unit/ kg Now the baby is on 10%dextrose 7drops /min
Its definately. Diabetic ketoacidosis . Look for complications like cerebral edema . Check serum electrolytes too. Monitor u/o .

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