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This is a good question the answer is simple.. those who follow sedentary life style during menstruation as per text are contraindicated for Abhyanga.. which further give "gurutva" which cause "srama" to apply oil over body.. and the result would be distrubance in "rajonisarana".. the rbenifits of abhyanga are less when compared to "rajonisarana".. That is why menstruation is a gift of god to women ie. Is equal to "Raktamokshana"... Coming to now a days it's entirely different... More excercise taking place just like a normal day.. so it won't hurt any body who does not take abhyanga during menstruation.. actually it give good results in patients with Dysmenorrhoea...
It's only for those who are taking rest as per text..for now a days life style abhyanga is good, also control Dysmenorrhoea..
Abhyanga can stimulate a detoxification process in your body. Menstruation is a natural form of cleansing and it is recommended that women take extra rest during this time as adding further cleansing acts can create a weakened state of the body.
Rajaswala already have Mandagni due to various factor including vedana and Abhyanga can amplify the Mandagni thats why Abhyanga is contraindicated during menstruation @Km Bhawana
@Panchajanya Kumar Deevi Sir what about this factor?
@Dr. Priyanka Rathod @Dr. Saloni Garg @Dr. Jyoti Bajpai mam
reason - Agnimanda

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