Multiple neck swelling

65 y/o M with the c/o of multiple neck swellings for 6 months, associated with fever, night sweats. Excisional biopsy was done under GA, immediately after extubation his saturation was decreased to 70% accompanied by severe dyspnea During re-intubation large amount of frothy secretions was suctioned through the endotracheal tube. Lab tests were positive for High D-Dimer in 6000 despite rapid assessments with color doppler of lower limb vein were negative, other parameters normal. A large dose of diuretics was given & 8 hours later the patient extubated, his saturation improved to 90% CXRs were taken immediately after extubation & second after 8 hours, showing a marked decrease in the infiltration. This was a case of Negative pressure pulmonary edema.


Yes 1st xray shows spiral trachea And bilateral pulmonary oedema Aspiration sucked out And diuretics help in reducing the pulmonary oedema as in 2nd xray Question is high D-dimer suggest tromboemolism or coagulation disease Pt has cervical lymphadenopathy My suspicion r/o leukaemia
Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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Rt paratracheal opacity pushing trachea towards left. Bil GGos with rt paracardiac heziness seen. Possibly inflammatory process/ Pulmonary edema.
Lt lung pneumothorax,trachea shift to Lt,B/L pulmonary oedema,adviced 2 DECHO.lymphnode Biopsy to R/Otuberculosis , lymphoma
*pulmonary oedem ** Cervical lymphadenopathy. Needs further investigation and evaluation to conclude and treatment plan.
Thanks Dr Sandeep Ghodekar
Pulmonary edema.In view of raised d-dimer,Advised to r/o causes of TE.
Trachea shifted to left Covid -19 Acute pneumonia PTB.
Active Pul oedema ? Kochs ARDS In Covid 19 patient
LVF with superadded infection