48/female known rheumatic heart disease severe MS with severe PH came with breathing difficulty since 1 day; what can be the cause



After reading many answers gibing pericardial eff as cause of br diificulty I want to say That Why not to think of ....pul odema ....as cause of br difficulty which is common complication of ms with pah rather than peri eff

Cardiomegaly with pulmonary edema /CCF

X ray chest is not clear.since kco ms and ph and looks to be LAH as pulmonary conus is prominent. She is most likely severly anaemic and that is the cause of dysponea

cxr showing cardiomegaly; patient is having pulmonary edema with ccf

May have atrial fibrillation, second diagnosis pulmonary hypertension itself cause breathlessness, 3rd is right sided heart failure coz of severe PAH, send nt probnp

Pulmonary edema

Its a case of pericardial effusion.

R/o Pericardial Effusion


A Case of pericardial effusion

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