Suggest alternative treatment for Cutaneous neoplasm

29/y/o with bump under the skin of her left hand It has been slowly increasing in size over the course of a year. The patient denies previous trauma to the area and states the lesion is asymptomatic. Her medical history is unremarkable. Physical examination reveals a solitary, firm, flesh-colored papule. Light palpation does not elicit tenderness. No similar lesions are noted elsewhere. Biopsy revealed- Cutaneous neoplasm He is pitta vata prakriti with mridu koshtha


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There is neoplasms..that means the patient is of sycotic or syphilitic character so before giving the medicines according to totality we may prescribe antimiasmatic medicine.
In homoeopathy it can be treated with constitutional medicine.
Grafaytes 30
Now that we have the diagnosis very aptly asked doctor, what are the scopes and limitations of treatment in such cases. As far as Homoeopathy is concerned, Constitutional treatment following the Homoeopathic principles shows good results. And about Ayurveda fellow doctors should be able to guide your goodself.
Hygiene not maintained properly.... sulpha if tolerant turmeric powder paste alkaline diet beetroot coriander juice pineapple with black pepper sprouts kalijeeri green leafy vegetables multani mitti with rose water and turmeric powder
Rx Primary: ksharakarma and Agnikarma Secondary: Tab Kanchanaraguggulu 1 TID Mahatiktakaghritam e/a
@Dr. Anooja N madam can we advise for Agni Karma for such case?
Benign neoplasms are known to turn malignant so first a FNAC and only then it can be decided depending upon the prakriti of the patient of Agni karma will be suitable.

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Rx 1. Kshar Karma 2. Neem Tail application 3. Immubuild Tab.
Rhod. 200 TDS for 15 days and then review h the case
Give medicine based on ur presenting totality
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