5 Skills of a successful doctor

5 Skills of a Successful Doctor I always had a question with me. We have so many doctors around us but only very few reach the top and are considered successful. We all have studied the same medicine and have been taught by the same staff but there are only few who are considered extraordinary. Having worked with hundreds of doctors in India and abroad and after many years of observations I have concluded there are 5 skills needed to be a successful doctor. 1.Counselling-Successful doctors are master communicators. They have very good counselling skills and can charm their patients. Most of our patients expect a good conversation over a heavy prescription. Once the faith increases with release of endorphins and encephalins your treatment also works like magic. 2.Leadership- Successful doctors understand that Medicine is a team game and they can’t play it alone. They build their residents, nursing staff skills by guiding them. They inspire staff to “Give before u get”. Their residents, nurses walk the extra mile and take care of the patients. 3.Building a brand- Successful doctors understand the power of brand and consciously try to build their image by marketing themselves. It can be conducting CMEs, Media coverage and build their authority in their speciality. With advent of Digitalisation it has become very easy to build your brand on social media and creating a professional website, etc 4.Embrace the change - Bhagvat Gita has an amazing line which say “Change is the only constant thing”. Successful doctors are early adapters and willing to experiment in drugs, protocols and technology. They master it and then pass it to the rest of community. 5.Invest in learning -Warren buffet and Bill gates invest more than 50% of their time in learning and produce remarkable results. Successful doctors understand this too. They are not only abreast with the latest updates in drugs and research trials but lifestyle changes. And, that guys, are the 5 Skills of a Successful Doctor And I have seen a lot of doctors who are absolute genius clinicians at diagnosing and treating pateints but are not considered successful. What skills do you want to master before the end of 2020? Comment below. Aleem "5 skills" Mohammad


DR ALEEM MOHAMMAD - Thanks for such beautiful post regarding 5 skills of a successful doctor.These are all very important and all 5 skills really need to be worked upon for becoming a successful doctor. I would like to add few things more - which I think are equally important 1.Availabilty of doctor - A doctor should try his best to remain available at all times during his fixed practice hours printed on your prescription slip .If at an emergency arises and you are not available it should be informed a day earlier to your clinic management. 2.Competency - It is equally important. The only way is presume yourself to be a student at all times- so that you learn by your mistakes and mistakes diagnosis .Also take help of medical literature when you are in doubt. With time you will become competent. 3.Patience , humbleness , politeness all a feathers in your cap- which make you favourite with your patients. 4.Money should not enter your mind and always try to save patients money by not resorting to un necessary investigations, procedures and costly brands .With this intent God always helps you 5.Applications like Curofy, docplexus are helpful and keep interacting. Sometimes undergraduate students give you much more information than experienced doctors. 6.Keep on participating in weekly Curofy quiz with the intention of not answering quickly but after much thinking and check the answers also .Result of quiz is not important- but participation with the idea of learning is more important THANKS
Thank you doctor

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