48yr old male come with symptoms of Fever with chills & myalgia, weakness.investigation attached.please tell diagnosis and treatment?

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As pt c/o fever with chills and rigor and myelgia with lower side plt count suggestive of viral fever with d/d 1 denguefever 2 malaria. Hence do dengue profile and Rt card test for mp you can start rx for viral aswell as antimalarial like Artisunate

? Thrombocytopenia Treatment.. Treat as a case of Hyperpyrexia Appropriate Antibiotics like. Ofloxacin 200mg BD x 5 days Symptomatic treatment Multivitamins with vital-z Powder Rest & follow up If prognosis is not satisfied then investigate.. Repeat Blood CBC ESR MP WIDAL (negative in early stage) URINE Routine Proceed as per reports and with Experts opinion

Fever with thrombocytopenia Suggest dengue profile.

Adv pan malaria and dengu test Plt.count on lower side Give symptomatic t/t Antibiotic antipyretic Start antimalerial like lumafantrine Maintain hydration

BLOOD - Malaria duel antigen Bactec blood Culture Dengue Elisa TEST LFT ,sugar Urine -☆ C&S USG HEPATO BOLIARY SYSTEM

Rule out malaria and denque. Symptomatic treatment Increase fluid intake. Tab pcm sos. Antibiotics till reports pour out Or confirm diagnosis.

Kindly check for peripheral smear during fever According to cbc Probable diagnosis is malaria But we have to rule out what type of malarial parasite seen. Kindly do usg abdomen for hepatomegaly & spleenomegaly. You can start ampirical therapy With chloroquine tablets.

Dengue fever

Report is normal pancef 250 m.g tab Daily two 5days macfast 500m.g daily three 5days astyminforte cap daily one 10days iv fructodex saline daily one 3days continue zincovit SF syrup two teaspoon three times daily injmoncef 1000gram iv slow daily two times three times

Malaria dengue to be ruled out with lft

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