49 years/ male having edema on right leg for the past 10 days after an episode of fever ! Diagnosis and management plz . Thank you




A colour Doppler study of lower limb vessels to rule out DVT . Most likely DVT . Once diagnosis is established, start with LMWH s/ c till clot or embolus is dissolved . It is to be followed by oral warfarin. Addition of antibiotics Augmentin and chymoral forte will hasten recovery. Other management includes Elevation of limb Compression stockings. Tab Rivaroxaban to prevent recurrence

Thank you so much sir

Filariasis with secondary infection .antibiotics, diethylcarbamazine, analgesic .Investigation for microfilaria, DM and Doppler study

As history is short , it rules out filiriasis

Deep vein thrombosis. This requires instigation for deep vein thrombosis. and then decide the management.

Thanks sir

As fever occurred only once , it rules out cellulitis . In cellulitis , there sd be constant fever

Agreed with patle sir.....it could be acute attack of filariasis

Cellulitis- Rt leg Rest to the part Oral antibiotics

Any history of injury DVT Doppler study to be done

Thank you ma'am there is no history of recent injury

DVT ? Venous insufficiency? Lymphatic obstruction?

@Dr. Ashwin K - dvt

Thank you ma'am

DVT LMWH and elevation of that limb

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