49 years male patient came with the h/o severe chest pain radiating to left arm & back of the chest, breathlessness BP:150/80 HR:80bpm Spo2:77% CVS:S1 S2 heard normally RS: clear no h/o HTN/DM/ASTHMA/DYSLIPIDEMEA. .. please find the ECG attached above. .... .. Diagnosis and management. ..?

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posterio septal mi

acute inferior wall mi with anterior wall new lbbb. give antiplt aspirin, clopitogral, statin.to discuss with relative regarding pt needs stk vs pami. do echo, cxr, cbc, rft, bsl, lft, electrolyte, calcium levels

ant. wall mi...

hyperacute myocardial infarction

ant.wall.M.I.with lbbb

Anteriolateral myocardial infarction, requires ICU management by cardiologist.

Extensive anterior wall mi

st elevation in 1 v1 to v6 .. extensive anterior wall mi .. left main occlusion... Spo2 77 % with breathlessness... patient must be in failure .. load urgently with ecosprin clopi 300 each atorvas 80 ..inj.lasix 20 I've stat .. o2 by mask .. if needed cpap .. s/l sorbi ..and start inj.NTG .. u haven't mentioned since how many hrs he is suffering from chest pain ..it's important for thrombolysis ... send patient urgently to cardiac icu care ...cardiologist may plan urgent cardiac intervention. ...

Acute myocardial infarct Anteriolateral go for troponin test needs icu management i feel that angio and then plasty seems to age .Initialy asprin 300 and ntg drip and for this systolic bp should be above 100.For angioplasty can take benifit of govt scheme.

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