49 years old pt brought in our hospital suffering from skin disease since 2 month C/o burning sensation and pus formation plz D/D and treatment figure showing



Eczymotus dermatitis associated with sec. infection. Just to rule DM have FBS,PPBS, HbA1C also. Give Azithrimicin 500mg for 10 days combine with Cefixim -200mg bd. Topical Fusidine cr. & wash the wounds with chlorhexidine . For rest of the day apply emollient cr.

I.E.D . D/D contact allergic dermatitis with sec .infection due to footwears. Adv C/S of pus . Appropriate antibiotic as per culture report , Cleaning of wounds and dressing with sterile Fucidine tulle, Rule out DM . Analgesics and antihistaminics , if needed .

ezematous dermatitis

Pemphigus vulgaris



BULLOUS PEMPHIGOID @Dr. Avitus John Raakesh Prasad

eczematous dermatitis with sec inf


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