A female PT age of 38 yrs suffering from leucorrhoea , anemia Hb is 7gm/DL, Cervical pain . Rx


She must be having Vata Prakriti Right now work on Pradhan Vedana which is Pandu Roga, if possible then advise for BT Advise for Santarpana, Brumhana Chikitsa Later we can work on Shweta Pradara if its not cured @Sanchita Aneja
Thank you doctor
start with amrothotharm kashyam 3o ml with 45 ml of water before breakfast 2 yograj guggul 250 mg bd before breakfast 3 pushanug churan 1 tsp with water after food 4 punarnava madoor 250 mg bd with water 5 ashokaarist and dasmolaraist30 ml with 45 ml of water after food bd
Badantmalti RAS +Kukutandtwak BsM+Satvgiloy bd. After diet Perderantak loh+Chanderperbha vati with Ashokarisht & loha asav. Pl.get Nidan Priverjan before treatment.Diet /Living standerad as per perverti.must be
Thank you doctor
Rx Syp m2 tone 2tsp bd Pugkhand 1tsp with milk bd Shatapushpa ch + shunthi ch 1tsp bd wd luke warm water Shatavari gud 1tsp bd Advice diet for hb increment Any other investigations?
Borax 30/ 4 globules bd Alumina 200/4 globules od Syp. Leucorine 2 TSF tds For seven days Maintain personal hygiene
Rx Tab Kanchanara guggulu DS 1BD Tab Pradarantak ras 1 BD Tab Amyron 1 BD Lasicare spray.
Pushpanug Chandraprabha Triphala dhawan
Chandrakala ras 2 after meal Punarnavasav
Pulsatilla 1m3/dose F.met.30/tds
Homeopathic medicine bio .no13

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