A 50 year old male complained of progressive scalp hair loss for three years. Initially there were several coin-sized bald patches which subsided spontaneously. The condition relapsed and worsened in the last six months. Examination revealed a large bald patch over the right side of the scalp. The scalp surface was normal with no scales, scar or erythema. Several smaller bald patches were seen adjacent to the major lesion. There was pitting over his finger nails. Systemic examination was normal. He is pitta kapha prakriti and has krura koshtha. How to control this condition?



alopecia areata (sarganj) my successful prescription 1)apply mahamarichadi taila(baidyanath)+777oil 2)wash hair with triphala kwatha choorn & use psoralin soap 3)suvarna(ban) hair oil application after bath 4)manibadralehya 0-0-1/2tsp with hot water 5)vidangarista 2-0-2 6)khadirarista(baidyanath) 2-0-2 7)t.gandaka rasayana1od
According to Ayurveda we will diagnose this case as Indralupta Sroto Vishodhan Chikitsa is advisable
Mezerium potion 6 or 30
Alopecia areata

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