Plain X - Ray of Skull

#CAP - BHMS 2020 Topic - Plain X- Ray skull Look for the following :- 1. Linear skull fracture ( likelihood intracranial hematoma ) 2. Depressed skull fracture 3. Status of the craniocervical junction 4. Shift of the calcified pineal body >3 mm from midline 5. Increase in vault density-Paget's disease, fluorosis, diffuse increase in thickness-acromegaly, thalassaemia 6. Localised increase in thickness-Paget's disease, men ingioma, osteomyelitis, leukaemia, histiocytosis 7. Lucent areas-multiple myeloma, Paget's (osteoporo sis circumscripta), malignancy, hyperparathyroidism. I. Intracranial Calcification Pineal body, gliomas, meningiomas, craniopharyn giomas Tram-line calcification-Sturge-Weber syndrome Ring calcification-cerebral aneurysm, TB, toxoplasmosis. II. Sella Turcica Normal size-AP diameter 11-16 mm and depth 8-12 mm Enlargement-pituitary adenoma Erosion of clinoids-raised ICT Erosion of lamina dura of dorsum sellae-tumour or aneurysm. III. Air Sinuses Thickened mucosa-chronic sinusitis Enlarged sinuses-acromegaly Fluid level-after trauma (maxillary sinus-infraorbital fracture, sphenoid sinus-fracture base of the skull).

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