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7yo/F presented with seizures 2 VIOLENT episodes since last 3 months for the first time. Associated with LOC, lock jaw Attendants observation - Girl was thrown into all sorts of shapes also bending of head backwards. GTCS lasted for 5minutes. No H/o fever, head injury No H/o tongue bite, bladder & bowel disturbances. Also loss of sleep What is the remedy indicated? Also what are the trios of convulsions?


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Cicuta Trio - cicuta,cuprum ,causticum
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Trio of convulsions are cuprum met. Cicuta virosa and causticum. Seems like cicuta v. suggest to take detailed history when possible for curative treatment.
Ciccuta 30.... therapeutically indicated medicine
Cicuta Trio - cicuta,cuprum ,causticum
Note down the the intensity , severity, specific timing how since long it cont... occuring for sec ,min,?? Aura... , Her or his specific movement during attack, plus any past h/O, family history any mentals is prominent there ?
Bel 30 pills 5p 3 times for 25 days Causticum 30 pills 4pills once a day for 15 days and kali phos 6x 4p 4 times for 30 days for better relief Dr.Rao MD ( EH )
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1.Take full case taking with little details. 2.Specify time of convulsions ? 3. Bending of head backwards in convulsions - Nux Vomica ( Read Nux once).
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Causticum 200 Magnesia Fos 6x Aconite 30 Rustax 200 Arnica 200 Sagunaria 30
Rx Cuprum met.
Causticum 200
Nux vomica

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