M30 Non DM non HTN Recurrent mouth ulcers on same site. Tried Riboflavin and local lignocaine. Any further management?


aphthous ulcer ..
Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis(RAS). Topical Triamcinolol 0.1% TDS, tampering slowly, until da ulcer disappears. Along with: Oral Prednisone 1mg/kg/d, in divided doses for 7 -10days is useful.
It is ulcer ,if recurrent underlying cause like stress,nutitional defeciency ,repeated trauma ,anaemic states ,habbits ,infections ,systemic conditions must b ruled out ,and treated accordingly ,recrrent ulcers usually point to underlying cause
Is this patient in a habit of lip biting?? Prescribe dologel-ct gel and kenacort 0.1 %oral gel for topical application thrice daily for 5 days and a multivitamin suppliment for 15days..... Good luck
If it is really at same site it may be a. Mucocele. Or if it is a recurrent ulcer at various site then it's apthous ulcer. Ask history to rule out traumatic ulcer
Yes it is site for mucocele but clinically it is ulcer sir

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Recurrent oral ulcer... Add Zytee gel fo symptom relief.. Continue Riboflavin BD... Avoid spicey food... Can add low dose steroid with antibiotic cover..
Apathus ulcer-Rx-Tab-metrogyl400bdx5+Vitamin C+Bcomplex
Apthous ulcer...
Treatment If it's Mucocele surgical removal. If apthous ulcer or traumatic. Just symptomatic management
kenacort 0.1% topical application along with sm fibro tablets for recurrent ulcers may help pt
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