Plz priscribe medicine for this urgent

Patient came with his yellowish nails. He is having the same from last one week.. for me it looks like fungal infection. Plz diagnose and priscribe medication. With regards Dr Bakshi

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Yellow Nail Syndrome. Cause: Chronic Bronchitis. Rheumatoid arthritis. Lymph stasis.
Thank you Dr Kaviya
Onychomycosis. Miconazole cream with oral fluconazole tb.
Thank you doctor
Onchomycosis. Tab terbinafine 250mg od for 12 weeks Topical Amorolfine cream 5%for 24 weeks Cream shld cover the entire area particularly nail bed and 5mm surrounding area.wash hands properly after application.
Thank you doctor
Fluconazole 200 1st day after Fluconazole 150 daily 14 days after
Yellow nail syndrome Onychomycosis
Koilonychia?!!rule out anemia

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