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15 years girl itching and burning lesions on the left side neck since 3 months. oozing and tender to touch what is diagnosis? treatment?


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yes it's PAEDERUS DERMATITIS kissing type ulcer burning with scab Treatment Remove the debris MUPIROCIN cream application Tab fexofenadine 10 days short duration of antibiotics
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Paederus dermatitis
Paederus dermatitis.. Irritant contact dermatitis.. RX.. Topically antiseptic antiallergic antibiotics ointment.. Topically steroids..SOS.. Orally Amoxyclav..with.. Mefenimic acid +pcm.. Antihistaminics Levocetirizine/Bepotastine.. Overall health improvements with multivitamins antioxidants and good hygiene
Tnx a lot Dr Amitabha Dasgupta

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paederus dermatitis with secondary infection.... Antibiotics, analgesic, dressing IVFluids if patient is having low BP
contact allergic dermatitis leads to eczema eruptions
Paederus dermatitis Irritants contact dermatitis
Contact dermatitis with secondary infection
? Irritant Contact Dermatitis
Insect bite may be possible
allergic contact dermatitis
Paederus Dermatitis ICD.
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