Case of Prolapsed Pile Mass

32 year male patient came with the complaints of Bleeding while passing stool, pile mass and Constipation since 4-5 Years Its a case of Prolapsed Pile Mass I advised for Kshar Sutra Ligation And started with Bolbhadra Rasa 2 tab BD to manage the Bleeding Anesthetic Ointment for local application to manage the pain And Panchashakar Churna to manage Vibandha I explained him Kshar Sutra Ligation is the best possible way to cure the disease, He is confused between Surgical Management and KS Ligation. I am wondering why 37% People Diagnosed this case as Prolapsed Uterus


Wash with Hamamelis Q. And internally 5 drops of the same remedy. Bleeding should stop quickly. Later followup with another suitable remedy for the modified symptoms
In hoemeopathy there is good medicine.. Where u chose acording the symtoms totality.... The rattanhia.. Esculus and sulpher is need to subside the acute apisode....
Coz look a like one.avoid surgery, sulpha if tolerant turmeric powder to apply, avoid dairy products, prayers,ksligation is better alkaline diet no spices
Kshar sutra treatment is helpful Tab pilex Arogyavardhani vati Avipittikar churna Abhyaristha Avoid spicy food and pack Dasmulahristha
Thank you doctor
Good case ensure your DD with rectal prolapse some times rectal prolapse with 1st or 2nd degree haemorrhoids presents in similar fashion.
Valuable opinion
Kshar sutra is the best option in this case Aarogyavardhini vati Hingwastak choorna may be helpful Patya aahar sevan
Thank you doctor
Kshara sutra has to be done. Triphala guggulu Gandhak rasayan Dasamularishta +draksharisht
Thank you doctor
Hamamalis Q 15 drops TDS Pyonia Q 15 drops TDS Aloe 30 2 drops TDS
Dear Dr. I agree with ur Rx of Hamamelis. But combining with aloe and pyonia is unnecessary. Only One remedy at a time.
Kshar sutra is best
I agree
First rule out d properly, it's a rectal or piles mass..... If have piles mass.... Tt... KS ligation and wd necessary investigation is ideal tt for dis case. @Dr. Hemant Adhikari sir
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