4yr 6mth baby delayed head control can it be a case of Down syndrome? your comments are welcome



May be down's but this case have Demian crease and delayed development but absent most of cardinal features of down syndrome like broad gap in great and second toe, protruded tounge, lowset ears etc. See for others and developmental parameters. Adv karyotyping

Thanks@Melitta Menezes

before jumping into conclusion one must remember simian crease is a normal finding in 0.5% of cases..delayed head control in 41/2 year,what are the other developmental parametres? especially cognitive language and social,intrapartum events any ..obvious down like features are absent.. although chimeric some times present like this..karyotyping is must..

Simian crease,Hypertelorism, Lowset ears,Micrognathia,protruted tongue... all r cardinal features of downs syndrome... Hypertelorism n simian crease is seen in that patient bt rest features r not present... Karyotyping can rule out Downs syndrome...

Semian crease & developmental delay are ok ...they indicating chance of chromosomal anomalies.....but cardinal facial features of downs syndrome is absent here sir.... Karyotyping is final....

Can be Upward slanting of eye fold is not present.Hypotonia ,square hand and crease is suggestive.

Mongoloid facies.....simian crease.........DOWN SYNDROME. Go for karyotyping ...

Down Trisomy 21 Maybe accompanied by anomalies like CHD

Child is normal. Not Down Syndrome. Simian crease can be normal.

Its down syndrome.

It can be but how can one make such a diagnosis without knowing all the parameters.and examining the child.

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