4yr boy, lesion shown below duration 3 days, increasing no fever, no itching, pain spot the dx.



Dr. Manish, Multiple grouped vesicular lesions with dermatomal pattern on right half of the face (demarcated in visual) Good case of HZ. Here in this age called CHILDHOOD HERPES ZOSTER. It is very rare. Reactivation of VARICELLA duration of time is decreasing now a days. Previously he might be not vaccinated for Varicella. Here immunocompromise or any underlying malignancy to be check and exclude. Treatment: 1) Acyclovir 40 mg/ kg body weight 4 times a day for 1 week. 2) Topical Silver sulphadiazine application. 3) oral antibiotics and analgesics. 4) Here incidence of post herpetic neuralgia is negligible in this age.

Nice Picture Profile. The Pictures shown here like the Exact MID--LINE INVOLVEMENT OF SKIN LESIONS FROM PICTURES 1 TO 4. DX : HERPES ZOSTER.

Treatment for child ?

Herpes zoster involving trigeminal & upper cervical nerve dermotome

Herpes zoster


Seems herpez but without pain ? Start trial of acyclovir 3 day and see improvement

Yes It's herpes zoster

Herpes zoster


Herpes zoster

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