4yr/f sudden onset itching n now spreading all over body from last night plz dx n rx





dermatitis n give Rx azithromycin 250bd fr 5 days n clotrimazole powder for local n other symptomatics


antihistamine tab+ omnacort 5 mg tab. orally nd local application of cream I.e. anti fun.,moderataly steroidal based combination


apply benzyl benzoate topical application at nights and tetmosol soap in mornings and anti histamines...will do the work....wash clothes in hot water and with some anti septic lotions

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This could be Atopic Dermatitis, Henoch Sholein Purpura, contact dermatitis due to clothing and also Scabies. Should be treated with Medrol 4mg 1/2 TDS to be tapered with time. Local application with Dermocalm lotion mixed with Flucort cream. Atarax syp 2tsf at bedtime


what about miliaria rubra

i dont know wats the diagnosis exactly. i m thinking its milaria with secondary infection on hands . but treat ment can.b calamine lotion and night flutibact on the lession for five days and then follow up by calamine bd aplication and antihistamine

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