5 months old child with c/o watery discharge from both eye(Left>right) and swelling of both eye lid for 4 days. Please diagnose and comment on it's treatment.

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Purullent conjunctivitis. Rx. 1. Oral cephalexin 50mg per kg in two doses for 10days. 2. Tobramycin eye drops 1dr thrice daily after careful cleaning of the eyes with wet cotton 3. Chloramphenicol eye oint OD at bedtime

May i add sir.olapatadine eye drop (Antiallergic)

Careful Eye examination is MUST before deciding the dx & rx. Severe & serious pathologies may be present in the eye . Non ophthalmic practioner should atleast see the status of cornea & if anything serious is suspected , pt should be Immediately referred to an ophthalmologist after instilling antibiotic eye drops.

Looks like purulent conjunctivitis . Do r/o orbital cellitis too .

Purulent conjunctivitis

I go with Dr Harshad Sir. Eye brooks no guess work but meticulous exm. Who knows what is behind the closed eyes? The diagnosis entertained might be most probable but that not absolve complete exm.

Examination of eye under topical anaesthesia is must in such cases, although watering and matting of cilia is clearly seen.....Till pt is available to Ophthalmologist start with frequent moxifloxacin drops and tobramycin oint

I agree with with Dr Raghavendra Rao At first start treatment and examine the eyes more thoroughy during course of treatment

Treating wi Treating first and examining later is exm iis like-- putting the cart b 4 the hose sir. Sfteraall, Life is not in damger and arranging an opthalmologist's does take as much time as treating yhe case. Such interventions may lead to complacency bu the pt'parents. A conjenctivitis as it may look, it is the question of a vital organ that can not be handled lightly. If there is no alternative, giving a non-controversial rather than heroic treatment is justified. " Swadharma is better than Paradharma" even holy Geeta tells. The diffference is just the point of view . The baby may be safe in the hands of a prdiatrician, but what if the baby lands in the hands of some body .......else... Sir.

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Purulent bacterial conjunctivitis Proper care of eyes Toba eye drop 8-10 times daily Renicol eye ointment bd Urgently refer to eye specialist

Purulent conjuctivitis

Bacterial conjunctivitis moxplox eye drops 8 hourly examine for cornia

Purulent conjunctivitis.

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