5 year old girl with milia like appearance.

Hi. Looks to be milia but I'm not sure near the lips. Was a symptomatic but now itches a lil sometimes. Girl is 5 years old and hasn’t been out of the house since lockdown. What is your diagnosis and Treatment ?



No Dr. Its not Milia .its Molluscum contagiosum. Pearly white lesion. With central umblication. Caused by pox virus. Highly contagious. Usually self limiting. Treatment only for cosmetic reasons like salicylic acid imiquomod podophylline anyone. Better to go for laser therapy.

MC / ,Warts Potassium hydroxide or podophyllum liquid locally. Improve General health and personal hygiene. Keep the area clean and covered with sterile gauge. If not responding than surgical intervention like lasar ,cryo therapy or cauterization may be considered an option.

Thanks Dr Partha sarathi Sahana

?? MC / warts

Thank you doctor

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Thank you doctor

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Molluscum con

Agreed with Dr Nitesh P

Molluscum contagiousum

Face has milia.

Wart- salicylic acid solution

What kinda warts

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