5 year old with the h/o umbilical discharge since 3-4months.no pain no fever. Spot Dx and management


Umbilical granuloma. Rx. 1. Copper sulphate cauterisation Or 2. Silver nitrate cauterisation. Or 3. Topical common salt application

Umbilical Granuloma

Umbilical Granuloma. Agree with treatment suggest by @@Dr. Raghavendra Rao sir or Surgical excision. Specimen should send for HP. for further investigation.

Umbilical granuloma Treatment options- Chemical cautery with CuSO4 , or AgNO3 Surgical excision

Its a case of umbilical granuloma.

Umbilical polyp.. granuloma, diathermy excision under LA , since the specimen is a large one can be sent for HPE , for confirmation.

Umbilical granuloma. Copper sulphate cautery

Umbilical granuloma

Umbilical granuloma

Umbilical granuloma

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