5 yr old child presented with swelling in neck left side ,mild pain for 2 month ,with history of fever ,sweating during night time ,palpable cervical lymph node ,no history of hearseness of voice,no history of dysphagia,.plz suggest mgmt.



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Tuberculous lymphadenitis Investigation :Mantoux test, Sputum AFB, X Ray chest, USG neck, Rx:If it's tuberculosis, Start on ATT

Its s case of tubercular lympadenitis.

Ruled out Hodgkin's lymphomo,tbadenitis

1- it's seems to be Tuberculin Cervical LYMPHADINOPATHY with cold abscess 2- Let's first do USG- NECK of swelling followed by FNAC 3- As per pathological investigation do cbc- ESR .4- Start antibiotic preferably Augmentin - Antipyretic- NSAID 5- If FNAC suggest KOCHS start AKT. 6- Order for x-ray chest also 7- Excison biopsy may needed if not respond to conservative treatments.do pus culture-sensitivity test 8- All treatment subject to investigation.

Hodgkin lymphoma Do CBC, GBP, cervical lymph node FNAC and biopsy to confirm the dx Do bone marrow examination, X- ray chest, CT abdomen for staging of lymphoma.

It's Posterior Cervical Lymphadenopathy with Typical Symptoms of Sweating & Fever Goes in Favor of Lymphoma.... Needs FNAC, USG abdomen, CT too

Evaluate for Tb lymphadenitis

It seems to be a case of tubercular cervical lymphadinitis . ANY HISTORY OF CONTACT WITH TB?. Ddx. Hodgkins disease. ADV. CBC, ESR, MANTOUX TEST, FNAC OF THE GLAND, X-RAY OF CHEST, TREAT ACCORDINGLY AFTER DEPENDING ON REPORTS.

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Rule out kochs cold abscess lymphadenitis

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