5 yr old female child complain of pain and itching on head. on examination following lesion are found of her head. there 2 nodular wart like lesion are found . i am confused to diagnosis this lesion. is it nodular melonama? if not, please help me to diagnosis the lesion.


Hemangioma Sebaceous cyst Seborrheic dermatitis


?Scalp Psoriasis

Haemangioma scalp.


Seborrheic keratosis..Ketoconazole shampoo.Atarax syp... Cephalexin 125 syrQds...Lobate GM to apply over the lesion..Fluconazole 50 mg hs wklyx4wks..good hygiene...

Scalp Hemangioma

Thanks doctor

Seborrhoeic dermatitis / rx daivobet cream locally/ incision send for histology / dd naevus

Hemangioma Sebaceous Cyst


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