5 yr old girl with Acute leukaemia with Febrile Neutropenia with abdominal distension. Pediatric surgery was consulted immediately . Diagnosis ?




A case of Pneumoperitoneum with gas under domes of diaphragm indicative of hollow viscous perforation. Needs urgent Exploratory laparotomy after resuscitation with NPO, RT Suction,IV fluids, parenteral antibiotics

Gas under both diaphragm . Pneumoperitoneum . Urgent decompression . Viscous perforation .

Gas underbothdom of diaphragm with multiple fluid level. Intestinal obstruction with perforation.

Hepto splenomegaly with Intestinal perforation Gas Under both domes of Diaphram

A case of pneumoperitoneum with gas domes of diaphragm indicative of hollow viscous perforation.

Gas under both the diaphragm.urgent decompression required.

Gas under both diaphragm suggestive of hollow viscous perforation.


Hollow viscuss perforation, gas under diaphragm.

Gas under both dome of diaph.Intestinal obstruction with perforation

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