5 Yrs /M c/o fever, multiple abcess over thigh ,calf. h/o taking ATT for 2 months (not completed) @2 Yrs. . C/S shows staph aureus+. Diagnosis & Rx


Multiple blood born staphylococcus lung abscess are reported from a focus outside lung.. It looks to me a case similar to that.. Send sputum for AFB smear and bactec culture and gene Xpert to exclude tuberculosis.. Send sputum for culture and sensitivity and gram stain smear... Treat with a parenteral antibiotics with good coverage like pipercillin tazobactam .. For staphylococcus coverage add linezolid... Antibiotics may need to be changed once sensitivity report arrives

5 yr child c pulmonary disease c multiple cavities,if we go by pathogenesis cavitatory disease in tuberculosis is a form of progressive pul diseases which is unlikely scenario in a 5 yr old child so we r left out c nontb etiology which is more like ly staphylococal in origin,more so presence of extra pulmonary lesions support it.now question is why dis child got so florid staph infn at 5 yrs,we need to l/ f underlying immunodeficiency.

Multiple cold abscesses, advised AKT & aspirations of abscesses.

staph pneumonia likly as per history but must rule out other infection by sputum culture and cover for anerobes too

5 yrs child with multiple hematogenous spread to lungs indicates the source could be stsph aureus.i am not sure if we should look at infective endocarditis could be one option Echo may be helpful or some SCID could be a possibility.

b/l multiple lung abscess due to septicemia. treatment will be pus culture and broad spectrum antibiotec with suppotive treatment.

Diagnosis - multiple pyaemic abscess due to staph aureus Do Incision n drainage of all abscess send pus for culture sensitivity.give antibiotics according to report.Till than give penicillin or broad spectrum antibiotic

lung disease may or may not be related. workup for lung disease needed to rule out koch's

staphylococcus lung abscess and also send sputum for AFB

pyogeic abscessees. drain n give specific antoobiotics.

lupus vulgaris

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