5 yrs male child with dark circles under eyes plz advice possible

5 yrs male child with dark circles under eyes plz advice possible Dx & Rx


Well, we already had a discussion regarding the treatment of dark circles in adults. A paediatrician would be able to advise us better on this topic, but I'll list what I know. 1) In my experience, I see this is most commonly found in some nutritional deficiency.. anemia or vitamin deficiencies. I can make out long eye lashes in this patient which is a subtle sign of possible vit A deficiency. 2)Allergic conjunctivitis (including vernal catarrh ) associated with allergic rhinitis and sinsusitis 3)sleep deprivation of any cause.(I have seen ADHD patients on treatment with methyphenidate having this finding although this is rare.) 4) Uncorrected refractive error causing patients to rub eyes repeatedly 5)Allergy or sensitivity to any type of food. 6) hereditary dark circles Basically it seems like a sign of poor health in children.

Dark circles are common after restless sleep is most common reason , stress also contribute dark circles with sleepless nights Allergies sneezing may cintribute to dark circles Stress Dehydration Heredity may be due to genetic condition Sun exposure prompt your body to produce more melanin Thinning skin as you age skin looses some fat and collagen Unhealhy habbits smoking Anemia may indicate underlying heath condition particularly iron deficiency Fatigue puffiness is result of fatigue Eye strain due uncorrected glasses Treatment is healthy life style proper sleep keep youself hydrated sound sleep treatment of anemia Stress free living with green leafy vegetables and regular ocular examination with prope glasses

dark circles due to allergy sleep deprivation adrenal deficiency vitamins ADEK deficiency nasal congestion

correct list sir

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Sign of atopy. Look for 1.other symptoms and signs of atopy in the child. 2. H/O atopy in the family. If found to be atopic 1. Try to identify the trigger and advice to avoid as far as practicable. Common triggers are exposure to dust and cold. 2. Oral antihistaminic x 21 days

if u refer textbooks, causes of dark circles in children are stuffed nose,nasal congestion that leads to prominence of veins that appear as peri orbital pigmentation or dark circles ,it could be hereditary also..

It may cause Sleep deprivation..., Aneamia , lack of vit...stress ,metabolic disorder ,disfunctioning melanin pigmented cells , pt wearing a glasses ? etc....too much Sun Exposure in affected Area.... ask to pt to check Hb..ask more history...ask to take vitaminious rich food start , fiber rich food...which is easy to Digest... In given picture the Sign indicate towards the low level of hb, If hb is low thn u may start F.P 6x 4 pills ,tds daily....

B- complex deficiency with stress, advised B- complex & consult child psychologist for counselling.

iron sufficiency with I B S

Modern schools where the child has no play...home atmosphere should be cheerful and happy...the child is insecure.. cucumber... alkaline diet no sugar no nonveg diet no eggs no mushrooms no fried foods no processed or fermented foods and beverages.... sproutskalijeeri drumstick soup flaxseed Prayers carrots....figs dates apricots pomegranatesmuskmelon...cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval lime juice pineapple with black pepper orange juice...under strict supervision of Doctor

Most likely due to lack of sleep


Dennie Morgan lines,criteria for diagnosis of a topic eczema

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