5 yrs male he has scabies all over body for 12 days...he gives allopathic treatment but not telif pls suggest homeopathic management.

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The patient will not get relief from any type of treatment unless and until: * All family members are treated simultaneously. * Strict Personal and Familial hygiene is maintained. * Clothing and bedding are dried in hot Sun

Sulphur Or psorinum 200 single dose according to symptomatology. Calendula ointment locally after washing Will be beneficial.

One dose SULPH...treat Fly free Disinfect vaccum heat dry all belongsings garments bedsheets etc Please explain about personal hygiene

Sulphur - 200 single doge Helpful.

Ant crudum 30

Sul 30 One Dose dry

Sulphur 200 od repeated doses Psorinum Graphitis Gamabion lotio application

Palmar scabies graphitis 30 is usefull

Psora is predominant here .... Needs basic and kings like sulphur or psorinum.. Graphitis will be eliminated...

Sulph ,psor can work give after differentiating it

Sulphur 200 acts wel here

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