50 goats ill ...mouth swelling .. Diarrhoea ...anorexia..fever..Dx n Rx ???



this is due to heavy parasitic load .and case of PPR ....oedematous swelling is due to PPR and hypoproteinemia due to parasitic infection ...so first deworm it properly and start protein diet ...try enrofloxacin oral solution and for prevention use PPR vaccines

Deworming with Fenbendazol Ceftofur inj may be used with Isofluid and Haemstanic must be used Suspected for PPR and worm infestation, Rest animal must be vaccinated againsed PPR Illing cases must be sagrigated

blue tongue see pink band coronitis hs can also cause head swelling mortality morbidity?

it's case of Fasciolasis.Faecal samples may have the matured over of Fasciola gicantica alog with hookworms like oesophagstomum boonostomum, Trichiuris, (dumbell shaped ovae).hypo protonaemia,anaemia, icteric mucus membrane. You can rule out.Deworminh.Inj.Ceftatime .5mg or 1gm. Liver stinlents and if necessary Blood infusions.

A photo of mouth in close up is also required. A lot of differential diagnosis ....I would like to add orf viral infection. Treatment with antibiotics,nsaids and external application of melboracis would help...But if the parasitic issue if any should be ruled out since there is diarrhoea. If respiratory issues clubbed with diarrhoea and fever is there suspect ppr???

Its mostly ppr with enteric form of HS. can be treated successfully with cefyiofur sodium inj. meloxicam paracetemol or flunixin meglumine, cpm and bcomplex along with deworming. please provide morbidity and mortality pattern.

A case of ppr treat with inj firtivir

could be PPR viral disease vaccination is good measure but can be tried enrocin inj vit c inj b complex inj for three days

Y vit c sir

is their any mouth lesions bran like deposites on gums ,lips.. for elimating ppr too...and may be suspected for parasitic infestation that can causes hypo protenemia ( fluke infestation)

their is a chance o f para tuberculoses also...
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