Hypothyroidism due to Hashimoto Thyroiditis

50 Year Female 3 months back diagnosed with hypothyroidism with TSH- 23.12 , T3- 0.57 ng/ml T4- 4.91 ug/dl started on levothyroxine 100ug od. Now TSH FREE T3, T4 AND ANTI TPO ANTIBODIES , high Anti thyroidperoxidase antibody reports attached, USG thyroid advised. kindly help in further management how to approche further in this case. is it hassimoto thyroiditis. tell further investigation and treatment.




This is a case of Hassimotos thyroditis.it is an autoimmune disorder may be associated with Type 1 diabetes mellitis and pernicious anaemia.disease may remain life long.Levothyroxin 100microgram AC od is sufficient.regular follow up ofAnti Tpo and T3 and T4 is essential and ultrascan of thyroid is necessary.regular follow up of blood sugar and pbf of blood is needful at regular interval.

can we start with 50 ug ?

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A case of hypothyroidism cause is autoimmune thyroiditis, which most common cause of hypothyroidism. Dose has to be titrated to keep TSH in normal range. Patient is euthyroid so continue with same dosage.

Typical case of HYPOTHYRODISM Cause: AUTO IMUNE THYROIDITIS May be HASHIMOTO THYRODITIS DEAQUARENS THYROIDITIS Regukar follow up and treatment is proper Kindly add calcium

Its a case of hypothyroidism.Its most common cause is hypothyroidism.Since patient is euthyroid same dosage has to be continued.

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