50 year female with mastectomy on gross two growth solid with cystic areas..larger growth measuring 4 cm in max diameter nipple and areola were normal... comments with discription ..


Pushing borders, hypercellular stroma having fibroblasts like cells with intracanalicullar glandular pattern. Mitotic figures are not appreciable. Epithelial cells are resting on Myoepithelial cells. No atypia also noted. Cystic change can be noted in larger phylloids sometimes. Benign phylloids with cystic change??

Sir, Is the tumour Circumscribed or ill defined & Infiltrative. HPE : Focal leaf like growth pattern noted. Stromal cellularity, atypia appear to be mild. Mitosis could not be appreciated. Few Benign ducts seen. No necrosis. Imp : Fibroepithelial neoplasm- Benign phylloides tumour.

Well circumscribed growth ...

D/D 1.Benign Phyllodes tumour with fibrocystic changes 2. Fibroadenoma with epithelial hyperplasia and fibrocystic changes However, clinical correlation, imaging study and IHC for needful.

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Hypercellular stroma,proliferation of benign ductal structures,no evidence of frequency of mitosis,no cellular atypia,suggestive of phyllodes tumor(benign)

Leaf like arrangement of tumor tissue .slit like ductalacini compressed by stromal fibrous tissue. imp.benign cysto sarcoma phylloid.

Phylloides tumor benign with Fibrocystic change and epithelial hyperplasia of usual type

Benign phylloids with cystic changes

Phylloids tumour of breast , benign.

?Benign phylloides tumour

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