50 year old female patient presented with asymptomatic lesions over right forearm and growth over right middle finger since 6years she was treated with anti tb regimen inspite of that rapid progression of lesion diagnosis??



Biopsy Squamous cell carcinoma Deep mycosis

Biopsy sent sir

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Squamous cell carcinoma most likely

Is she able to use her hand? Is there a fair possibility that she would be able to use it ever? Me thinks whatever d diagnosis is, she would require an amputation because it's a deadly and dead loss limb.

U r right sir, but patient came to us after the lesions progressed. She was taking treatment from some other doctors, she visited us late

Its a case of squamous cell carcinoma.

Deep Mycosis.

Deep mycosis (?)

Biopsy Squamous cell carcinoma


Such a long standing lesion of almost 6 years possiblity for carcinoma is least It could be progressive HPV warts !!! Sent the tissue for biopsy to get the diagnosis!!!!

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