50 year old female pt is having hyperpigmented patches over the lower limbs,since last one year .they are painless ,no itching is there. Since last last 2 months pigmentation has increased. Patient has not taken any treatment pt is hypertensive is on embeta xr 25 mg daily. she is non diabetic. pt is teacher by profession and also C/o pain over calf muscles on long standing kindly advice

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50yr female Obs+ Gyne history (PIH, help syndrome, menorrhagia, menupause, ) Anaemia and Low platelets, idiopathic thrombocupenic perpura. Cirrhosis, Sclaroderma. Chronic venous congestion, varicose veins, DVT. Thyroid disorders- Hypothyroidism, Addition' s disease or Cushing syndrome. Melanoma. Need further evaluation Rx. CBC and blood indices, clotting, TFT, LFT, RFT, ( Other hormonal test SOS) CXR, ECG, Echo (sos). USG abdomen and pelvis and bilat LL atriovenous Doppler, LL angiography (sos). Further evaluation Rx accordingly.....

Pt underwent hysterectomy 5yrs back forAUB. Is euthyroid .all bld counts are normal

Might be chronic venous insufficiency... Have you gone for color doppler study?

No, I will get it done. Thanks doctor

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