50 year old with ulcer in lateral margin of tongue



Photograph is not sufficient for similumum Causation and case history needed

Insufficient History. Duration ? Associated Complaints ? Habits of Tobacco or Smoking ? Non-healing Ulcer in Old age ? Better advice for Biopsy.

Borax ,merc like medicine can work give after differentiation if not Relive within a period thn ask for biopsy ...as per this age this is the my opinion...

Merc sol or Nitric acid Select the similimum according to constitution

Nitric acid Mercsol

Nux vom 200 three doses, wait &watch.

You give Borex 30 (4-4-4) for 7 days it is my clinic experience if then also it not cure you then give merc sol 30 (4-4-4) for 7 days

Merc sol 200 Nitric Acid 200


Baptisia 200

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