50 years old male pt suffering from knee pain and swelling for the past 2 years



Cause may be chronic synovitis, which may be tubercular/ rheumatoid/ villonodular synovitis/ synovioma etc. Proper blood investigations, synovial fluid aspiration and examination along with bacteriological culture, and X-ray, and if indicated, a MRI scan would help in reaching to some conclusion. If nothing helps, then open synovial biopsy and histopathological examination would be required.

It is a case of? O.A of knee with synovitis Rx Exclude DIABETES & start appropriate antibiotic, Aspiration with wide bore Needle & send for C/S. Start Appropriate Antibiotic Antiinflammatories Exclude Koch's infection by doing antiT B antibodies get X_ Ray knee ,& X-ray Chest & treat accordingly

Chronic Synovitis. Needs USG knee. Tap it and go for culture and sensitivity.

Cronic synovitis confirm by tapping and send for c&s Then treat accordingly.

C synovitis

Condition is chronic better to do MRI knee Treat according

Take full history from pt.do Xray; local physical nd lab investigations


@did the pt. sustai traua ,did he have high fever so acomple te history is necessary xrayknee CBC immunolical tests and MRI knee needed for correct and accurate diagnosis

History, inx, clinical findings

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