50 years old male with non healing lesion over scalp . H/o trauma 1 month back in the farm ..Dx and Rx ?????



thorough debridment of wound and dressing with higher antibiotic should b started b4 going to biopsy or at the time of procedure it should b taken as biopsy

Could be basal cell carcinoma. Biopsy of the lesion to confirm the pathology for further management.

this could be bcc.....go for biopsy dressing with lotion oxum.oint.megaheal.

tab.cefaddrox cv.tab.metron forte 400.tab.zinccovit

Squamous cell carcinoma, advised biopsy.

pls get a Biopsy done

Basal Cell Carcinoma.Take an Oncosurgical opinion

basal cell carcinoma rest on oncology department.

ho trauma is the is it simply a pyogenic granuloma.

Needs biopsy n excision accordingly

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